Thursday, October 25, 2007

Where There's Smoke...

Uh oh. It has been a tough week at practice for the Bruins. The air quality around campus hasn't been good because of the wild fires and that has hindered how much they can exert themselves. Pat Cowan also experienced fatigue and tightness in his leg that lead Coach Dorrell to keep him out of drills yesterday. Now Jill Painter, at the Daily News, is reporting that some players said they had another sub par practice. Is this a sign that this team is not going to be focused on Saturday for their game in Pullman?

Some of that might come from UCLA being so banged up. After six games, this team is feeling the pinch of injuries and a little down time to heal up is much needed. The next bye is still 3 weeks away (after UCLA plays ASU at home), so the Bruins are going to have to hobble their way through some difficult practices. Still, not good news to read that players aren't energized and pumped to beat-up on a very bad Washington State squad. Let's just hope this isn't the sign of another let down. I think we've filled our quota for the year in that department.