Thursday, October 25, 2007

Betting on the Bruins: WSU

So, last week, the line for the Cal game came out late. Like, Friday morning kind of late. I didn't see it in time for my post so I didn't have a prediction. Good thing too, because I probably would have gone with the Bears. I should have known my history... the Bears haven't won at the Rose Bowl this decade. Doh!

Well, we have another history lesson this week. UCLA has lost 5 of the last 6 games to the Cougs. We did beat them the last time we visited Pullman but it was very close. Maybe that is why the line is coming in at UCLA -6.

The Sagarin Rating would have UCLA as a 18 to 19 point favorite. I think the gamblers are once bitten twice shy (or is that twice bitten four-times shy?) with the Bruins. That would normally make me think a bet for the Bruins would be a good deal but with Cowan missing a practice, I'm still a bit hesitant. I'm still going to pick UCLA minus the points but it could be real close this week. I'll say UCLA 27 WSU 20.

The over under is 54.5. With UCLA's defense playing so well I'm going with the under. We'll have to wait and see if the injuries along the line and to Christian Taylor really hurt this team. I think they can cover OK, simply because we'll be in a lot of nickel packages anyways and the Cougs don't run the ball that well.

  • Cal: No line.
  • ND. O/U: 48. My pick: Under. Actual: 26. +$100.
  • ND. UCLA +20.5. My pick: Notre Dame plus points. Actual: ND +14. +$100.
  • Org St. O/U: 54. My pick: Over. Actual: 54. Push.
  • Org St. UCLA +2.5. My pick: Org St minus points. Actual: UCLA + 26. -$100.
  • UW. O/U: 47. My pick: Under. Actual: 75. -$100.
  • UW. UCLA -6.5. My pick: Washington plus points. Actual: UCLA + 13. -$100.
  • Utah. O/U: 43.4. My pick: Over. Actual: 50. +$100.
  • Utah. UCLA -14. My pick UCLA minus points. Actual: Utah +38. -$100.
  • BYU. O/U: 46. My pick: Under. Actual: 44. +$100.
  • BYU. ULCA -7.5. My pick: UCLA minus points. Actual: UCLA +10. +$100.
  • Stanford. O/U: 46..5 My pick: Under. Actual: 62 . -$100.
  • Stanford. UCLA -17. My pick: UCLA minus points. Actual: UCLA +28 =: +$100.

I am not actually gambling on these games. This is entirely for fun. I know nothing about gambling and have no insider information. If you actually bet on these games using my predictions you are crazy and will likely lose all of your money