Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thin Blue Line

The season of injuries roles along. The big news from the Cal game was that Christian Taylor had a very severe concussion (along with seizure like symptoms) that put him in the hospital. I don't think he'll be available for the trip to Pullman. It is hard losing your defensive captian, but the Bruins might have another defensive problem this week as well. The UCLA defensive tackle position has become dangerously thin.

Right now the Bruins only have a handful of healthy defensive tackles. UCLA saw Jess Ward and Jerzy Sierwierski go down with injuries against the Bears. Ward had an MRI yesterday and he is doubtful for the Washington State game. Jerzy may be able to go, but he is still questionable. Kevin Brown (R-Sr), Brian Price (F) and David Carter (R-F) are the only guys functioning at 100% right now. One senior and two freshman is kind of a scary proposition for a team looking to compete for the PAC-10 title.