Thursday, October 18, 2007

Betting on the Bruins: Cal

So, it looks like there is no line this week. I guess the instability at both quarterback spots means nobody is sure what will happen. I'm thinking a Cal victory but, with Pat Cowan in there, anything could happen. I'm just going to show up, drink my beer, and have a good time. We'll let the chips fall where they may.

Looking back at last week, I hit on both bets. It was almost like taking candy from a baby seeing UCLA favored by almost 3 touch downs. Of course, who could have know that Olson would get hurt... certainly not our coaches! Oh well, it improved my gambling numbers and I'm now up $100 after two tough games. Woopie! Good thing my imaginary bookie doesn't take a big chunk or else I'd be down for sure.


  • ND. O/U: 48. My pick: Under. Actual: 26. +$100.
  • ND. UCLA +20.5. My pick: Notre Dame plus points. Actual: ND +14. +$100.
  • Org St. O/U: 54. My pick: Over. Actual: 54. Push.
  • Org St. UCLA +2.5. My pick: Org St minus points. Actual: UCLA + 26. -$100.
  • UW. O/U: 47. My pick: Under. Actual: 75. -$100.
  • UW. UCLA -6.5. My pick: Washington plus points. Actual: UCLA + 13. -$100.
  • Utah. O/U: 43.4. My pick: Over. Actual: 50. +$100.
  • Utah. UCLA -14. My pick UCLA minus points. Actual: Utah +38. -$100.
  • BYU. O/U: 46. My pick: Under. Actual: 44. +$100.
  • BYU. ULCA -7.5. My pick: UCLA minus points. Actual: UCLA +10. +$100.
  • Stanford. O/U: 46..5 My pick: Under. Actual: 62 . -$100.
  • Stanford. UCLA -17. My pick: UCLA minus points. Actual: UCLA +28 =: +$100.

I am not actually gambling on these games. This is entirely for fun. I know nothing about gambling and have no insider information. If you actually bet on these games using my predictions you are crazy and will likely lose all of your money