Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bell and Bateman

So, the MRI on Kalil Bell's knee came back with a torn ACL. That's about all she wrote for the running back this year. Not good news for the Bruins who have relied heavily on Bell for success this season. With everybody and their brother injured, it is hard to envision where this team will get any kind of offensive production in the remaining four games.

The other news this week is that Kemonte Bateman, a 2008 prospect at wide receiver, made an oral commitment to ASU. Bateman had been committed to the Bruins but made the change to ASU after visiting Tempe this weekend. This wasn't entirely unexpected since UCLA actually hasn't given Bateman a written offer because of some academic deficiencies he has on his transcript. There is still a chance that Bateman could get his grades in order and receive an offer from UCLA. That would likely change his decision back to the Burins but for now he is going to the Sun Devils. Kemonte would be a tough loss to swallow since he was the highest rated WR recruit for the Bruins.