Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Talking Trees and Cougar Comments

Come join us tonight to talk about UCLA football on the Bruin Show! We'll be discussing all the details of the Stanford game and looking ahead to those pesky BYU Cougars. Do you have something you need to get off your chest? Are you pumped about the home opener at the Rose Bowl this Saturday? Call-in and let your voice be heard! The show broadcasts live every Wednesday night at 6pm PDT and all you need is your computer to participate. Follow the link for all the details:

You can also listen to previous episodes by following the links on the right-hand-side of the blog.


uclabruins05 said...

Love the bruin show.

I dont mind if its live or not.

But you should set up a comment thread or question thread so we can add to the show.

my comment for the show:

Jay Norvell has a ton of passion on the sidelines,i love that , did you guys notice it on bruin rewind??

BobTheBruin said...

There is a link in the bottom right hand side of each episode on Currently for episode 3, it says "no comments yet".

If you want to comment before the show airs, use the voice mail number (310) 933-6277 so we can play your comments on the air.