Friday, September 28, 2007

Betting on the Bruins: Oregon State

This last week proved why I wouldn't bet real money on UCLA. You never know what team your going to get. UCLA has covered the spread 3 times this year and 3 times they've hit the over. With the yards and points our defense is giving up each week, I don't think you'll see an under bet for a while.

So, looking at the Beavers, they have a pretty good defense. Well, at least they are pretty good against the run. They give up a lot of points, but it's hard to defend your field when your QB is giving away a NCAA leading 9 interceptions. UCLA has been absurdly bad on the road and Olson at QB doesn't give me any more confidence. If the Bruins can't move the ball on the ground then even more pressure falls on Ben's shoulders.

Looking at the latest odds, Oregon State is a 2.5 point favorite. Which is basically a toss-up. The over is at 54 and that's starting to push up. I'll take the Beavers minus the points and the over, because ... well, I have no confidence that either defense will keep this game low scoring.


  • UW. O/U: 47. My pick: Under. Actual: 75. -$100.
  • UW. UCLA -6.5. My pick: Washington plus points. Actual: UCLA + 13. -$100.
  • Utah. O/U: 43.4. My pick: Over. Actual: 50. +$100.
  • Utah. UCLA -14. My pick UCLA minus points. Actual: Utah +38. -$100.
  • BYU. O/U: 46. My pick: Under. Actual: 44. +$100.
  • BYU. ULCA -7.5. My pick: UCLA minus points. Actual: UCLA +10. +$100.
  • Stanford. O/U: 46..5 My pick: Under. Actual: 62 . -$100.
  • Stanford. UCLA -17. My pick: UCLA minus points. Actual: UCLA +28 =: +$100.

I am not actually gambling on these games. This is entirely for fun. I know nothing about gambling and have no insider information. If you actually bet on these games using my predictions you are crazy and will likely lose all of your money

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