Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rivals First Class Ranking

Well, Rivals put out their first class ranking today. It is super, super early as we still have over six months to go. But UCLA's fast start to the recruiting season has propelled us into the #1 slot. Some of that has to due with our 21 recruits, which is the most in the nation. The other part is the quality of the class. The Bruins have 13 players who are 4-stars and another 7 players with 3-star rankings. Our average star ranking actually puts us 8th in the nation, so there is definitely a lot of talent headed to Westwood in '08.

The Bruins have been scooping up recruits from all over California, with Aundre Dean being the only out-of-state player. With only four scholarships left to give out, the coaches will have to decide who is left on the short list. Hamani Stevens, who briefly committed to the coaches earlier this month, is definitely a big time target. The Bruins are also looking at Nelson Rosario, who was rumored to be the next in line after Milton Knox verballed. Possibly another tight end and a defensive tackle could fill out the class. Kevan Walker, Dewayne Walker's son, is also potentially in the mix for a scholarship.