Friday, June 15, 2007

Drew's final game in Europe

Drew Olson's final game of the NLFE season will be broadcast tomorrow at 10:00am on the NFL network. He has spent the last 9 weeks traveling around Europe (well, Germany and the Netherlands anyways) and the former Bruin is wrapping up his campaign this week against a hapless Berlin team. Should be a good show and lets hope Drew leaves on a positive note.

There were some very impressive quaterback performances this year in NFL Europa. The league is known for developing some good NFL QBs including Kurt Warner and Jake Delhomme. Hopefully the time Drew spent at Amsterdam will give him a leg-up on the competition when he gets back to the States. He'll have to fight for his job as Heisman winner Troy Smith will be joining the Ravens this year.

Warner didn't exactly light up the stage when he was in Europe but he went on to be one of the most successful quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen. Maybe Drew can follow in his footsteps. He's off to a good start, playing on Warner's former team. I don't know if the first Mr. Olson will be back next season or not, but here is to a great first professional season and hopefully many more to come!

(photo credit: sportsline)