Monday, June 25, 2007

Final PAC-10 Stats

I'm finally wrapping up generating statistics for all of UCLA's opponents for 2007. I just put up Washington, Washington State, Oregon and Oregon State. I have almost all of the games, except for WSU who is missing a lot of data. Hopefully this next year I can get more game data for all of the schools.

I'm also looking to complete all of the different statistical queries and calculations so I can focus on getting those reports ready for the up coming season. For Husky, Coug, Duck, and Beaver fans visiting the board for the first time, you way want to check out the stats pages for the other PAC-10 teams. You can find those along the right-hand-side of the blog under "Bruin Roar Football Statistics". I also plan to put up a PAC-10 report that shows how all of the teams compare to each other. That should be the final piece of the puzzle and I think make all of the effort really pay off.