Saturday, August 18, 2007

Moving on up

The preseason AP poll came out this morning. The Bruins come in at a surprising #14. I thought they would be ranked lower, maybe in the high teens low twenties. Obviously the writers are giving this team a lot of respect, despite the poor record from last season.

USC was, of course, #1 garnering all but 3 of the 65 first place votes. Cal is just outside the top-10 with the #12 slot. Other Bruin opponents that received votes, but just missed the top-25 are: Oregon, Oregon State, BYU, and Arizona State.

This is the first time the Bruins have started ranked in the top-25 in the Karl Dorrell era. The last time they achieved that feet was back in 2001. More importantly, though, UCLA has only finished ranked in the top-25 once this decade.