Wednesday, July 25, 2007

WR Coach Scott Arrested

CBS has reported that Wide Receiver coach Eric Scott was arrested for residential burglary last night. More details are coming but this was taking form the arrest report:

“He was brought to Norwalk station and booked on residential burglary and bonded out,’’ said Tera White, the LASD’s station watch commander. “Deputies were called (to a house). It was a call for service. It wasn’t an observation on deputies’ part. They were called there by neighbors.’’ White said two other men, Jesus DeAlba and Timothy Williams, were also arrested.

These are felony charges and Scott was released on a bail of $50K. If you go to the LASD website and search for Eric Scott, you'll get the details of the arrest. It is possible that Scott was involved in some type of property dispute or he was helping one of the other men move items that were in dispute. The arrest time was in the early morning, as he was booked at 12:30 in the afternoon. That doesn't sound like someone robbing a house but with so few details at this point, it is hard to say.

Scott has had a big impact on recruiting and he has helped UCLA land some of the top recruits in the 2008 class. It is uncertain how this will impact the decisions of those recruits to attend UCLA. Coach Scott could face a suspension or be fired all together if the allegations prove to be true. This could leave the team without a wide receiver coach for the fall camp and possibly the season.

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