Monday, July 2, 2007

Scout First Class ranking

Well, not to be outdone by Rivals, Scout has also released its first 2008 class ranking. The Bruins come in at a respectable #3. We slip a bit in these rankings because of the lack of elite talent in the class. Rivals gives out fewer 5-star rankings so a lot of teams have no 5-star players. Scout, on the other hand, gives out more 5-star rankings but the Bruins come up just short. So teams like Notre Dame and Texas get the nod with a few more elite players.

The ratings are still a work in progress and UCLA may see Rahim Moore and EJ Woods possibly bump up a star. Kemonte Bateman is also impressing everyone at the camps he attends, so he could also be a 5-star kid; that isn't as likely given the depth at wideout this year. In any case, this is still a very, very good class and the rankings show UCLA at the top of the list.

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