Sunday, December 2, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

UCLA got selected for the Las Vegas bowl. Boy, can you say yawner. Not only is the Vegas Bowl the place where PAC-10 teams go to die, but the Bruins have already played their opponent BYU this season; not only that, but we get them early next season as well. Obviously this isn't the most inspiring end to the season, but then again, this wasn't the most inspiring season either. The sad irony is that we'll probably be underdogs to a Cougar team we beat back in week two.

It is becoming an almost annual tradtion for the Bruins to play in the Vegas Bowl. This is our third trip in six years. The same goes for BYU, who is making their third consecutive appearance. The big question for the game is who will be the coach? Will Guerrero let Dorrell have one last game before he bids Westwood goodbye?

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