Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Head Coach Walker

Well, at least for one game. It looks like Coach Walker will take over the head coaching reigns for the Las Vegas Bowl. I'm not going to expect a dramatic make-over on offense in just a few weeks. With Jay Norvell and the WCO still firmly entrenched in Westwood, it should be more of the same on December 22nd. Hopefully, Walker brings a more aggresive game-decision process and is quicker to switch things up if they aren't working.

Perhaps the bigger question is who will be quarterback? I think there is an NCAA rule on the number of times an injured player can return for the season... or at least there should be. Pat Cowan has done his part for God and Country and after a pulled hamstring, torn ACL, concussion, collapsed lung, and another leg injury against USC, I think it is safe to say he should sit this one out. Hopefully Ben is ready to take the reigns.

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