Thursday, December 20, 2007

Silence was Golden

There's been talk of a mystery candidate interviewing for the UCLA head coaching job. The rumors said it was somebody we hadn't seen mentioned before. Well, the cone of silence was lifted last night and the mystery man was none other than Temple Coach Al Golden. Who? Yeah, exactly.

I don't know much about Golden but from what I've read he is a defensive coach and he helped Temple win 4 games last season. That's pretty impressive, if you've followed Temple at all over the last few years. They've been absolutely atrocious, winning 1 game in 2006, and being a perennial favorite for "worst team in the country".

Golden apparently has a past relationship with Chancellor Block. The two were at Virginia where Golden was an assistant coach. It looks like Block is throwing his weight around in this search. I just hope they weight the merits of all the coaches and don't just pick some guy because he is buddies with the Chancellor or because a group of former players are pushing for him to be coach.

The talk around town is that a new coach will likely be named sometime near the end of next week.

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