Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Get 'em While They're Hot

Interested in joining the UCLA blogosphere? Do you want to be invited onto local and national talk radio shows to voice your displeasure with the head football coach in Westwood? Do you have no prior experience or educational background that would qualify you to speak on the matter? Well, join the club! You too can start your own blog and join us internet idiots in the avalanche of information that plagues our modern lives.

Since Rick Neuheisel is in the driver seat for the position, may I suggest you jump on a domain name now. Unfortunately, is already taken. I know, shocking. The guy who owns it, isn't giving it up either. Here is a quote from the website:
If you were expecting to get a chance to vent your frustrations on the possibilities of firing Rick Neuheisel, I'm sorry. It worries me that college football has gotten to where it is the focal point in one's life. Checking message boards, poring over recruiting information on 15 year old high school kids, calling sports radio shows in May to talk about college football is not healthy.
Ok, this guy obviously isn't on board. is also off the table. Man, you got to be quick around here! So, to help you out, here are some more domain names, still available, that you can pick up today:

I'm kind of partial to NixNeuheisel myself, so if you register that one make sure to give me credit. With the rampant hatred that Neuheisel produces among some fans, you could easily gain a following in the next few years and then parlay that into sports blog fame.

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