Friday, April 20, 2007

Shipp has second hip surgery

The official UCLA site has reported that Josh Shipp had successful hip surgery today. Josh had a outpatient arthroscopic left hip procedure performed by Dr. Carlos A. Guanche at the Southern California Orthopedic Institute in Van Nuys.

It was the same surgery that Shipp had on his right hip back in September of 2005. According to Dr. Guanche, the procedure repaired a torn labrum (cartilage) and also included a removal of an area of bony overgrowth of the femoral neck. Guanche said rehabilitation should take 8-12 weeks; Shipp will spend the first month on crutches.

"The surgery went very well and Josh should be able to begin his rehabilitation next week," Dr. Guanche said. "It is a very common procedure among elite-level athletes such as Josh. I have performed this surgery on NBA, NFL and NHL athletes and all have returned to their high-level of competition."

"I'm very pleased that the surgery was a successful one and look forward to Josh making a complete recovery," said Bruin head coach Ben Howland. "He has ample time to recover and be ready to go at 100 percent full strength by the time we start back up again in October."

"The surgery went as well as expected and I am happy to have Josh home and recovering," Deborah Shipp (Josh's mother) said. "We elected to have this surgery as a precautionary measure. It came as a complete surprise to us because Josh played so well this year and his left hip really wasn't bothering him. But when we learned that he had a small tear in his labrum, after consulting with his doctor, we decided to have the procedure done."

Josh looked great last season after surgery, so hopefully he bounces back just as strong from this procedure.