Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Collison going Pro?

Everyone expected Aarron Afflalo to go to the NBA. He tested the waters last year and few thought the Junior would return for his Senior season. There were rumors that Shipp might jet for the pros, but he recently announced he would return. Like most Bruin fans, I thought that was the end of the story and we could get down to business and start thinking about next season.

But hold your horses.

Collison is now considering going to the NBA. A few days ago he was going to stay put, but now The LA Times is reporting that Collison is seriously considering declaring for the NBA draft. The consideration is so serious that his Mom is quiting her job to help with the deliberations. People close to the program say that Collison is likely coming back next year, but the lure of an NBA contract could be very enticing. He will make an official announcement on Wednesday.

Most fans, myself included, think Collison would benefit from another year at UCLA. The lanky point guard could use some time to add on a little more size and work on creating more for himself off the dribble. His speed and athleticism are attractive, but a little more refinement could make Darren a first round pick in a future draft. With the 2007 class so deep (and chocked full of underclassman) a jump this year doesn't make a lot of sense. The official deadline to declare for the draft is April 29th.