Saturday, April 21, 2007

Drew Olson - Week 2

Drew started his second game for the Amsterdam Admirals, of NFL Europa, yesterday. This week's match featured two former PAC-10 quarterbacks as Olson faced off against Cody Picket who played for the Washington Huskies from '99-'03.

Here's the box score. Olson went 16-30 for 115 yards with no TDs and no INTs.

Olson got off to another good start this week. He completed 6 of his first 8 passes and helped lead the Admirals to a touchdown on their first series. Drew had a particularly nice pass on 3rd and long to keep that first drive alive.

After that first series however, things went quickly downhill. The Amsterdam O-line did a poor job of giving Drew time to pass and he would routinely find the pocket collapsing quickly around him. False start and holding penalties also helped stall out drives in that first half. Drew lost the ball on a fumble again this week, as he was stripped from
behind while scrambling on a broken play.

The second half wasn't any better as Drew continued to struggle. He had a number of early pass attempts that were off target. However, he did have a nice series near the end of the 3rd quarter, which featured a great catch and run from the running back Smith. Overall, not a great game for Drew.

It is interesting to listen to the commentators on the broadcast talk about Drew. In both games so far, they have mentioned that he has a great arm. I was surprised to hear them say that because arm strength was a common complaint from fans during his tenure at UCLA.

Here are some notes I had from last weeks game:

Drew Olson - Week 1

He got off to a great start and lead the first series 80 yards for a TD. He got dinged up on the next series and sat out a bit (that old knee injury acting up). Lead his 3rd drive for another TD. He had an INT in the last seconds of the 2nd quarter but otherwise had a great first half!

The second half wasn't so great as he got picked again and lost the ball on a fumble. The Amsterdam OC must really like Drew because he called in pass after pass. I think the defense started to key in on that. Olson finished the game having completed 22 of 35 passes for 260 yards, 2 TDs, and 2 INTs.