Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stick a Fork in Us

It was always a long shot, but UCLA did have a chance to win the conference if it swept it's last three games. That dream didn't last very long as the Bruins lost to ASU on Saturday. Sadly, that game was winnable, but the Bruins made some bone-headed mistakes. I guess that sums up our season: games we could have won, should have won... but didn't. Well, the season is officially over and UCLA really has little left to play for this year.

Bruce Davis gets the bone-head award for the night. His inexplicable late-hit at the end of the first half gave the Sun Devils a free shot at a field goal. Those 3 points forced UCLA to go for a touchdown at the end, instead of working into field goal range, and likely cost us the game. Christian Taylor made a similarly stupid mistake on 4th-and-long and only a timely turnover forced by Brian Price kept Arizona State out of the end zone.

Chris Meadows almost had the play of the night. He was wide open, I mean wide open, not a guy anywhere near him, and Brandon Breazell threw a beautiful pass to him. He was thinking three steps ahead and forgot he had to catch the ball first. Man, after I gave him some hype coming into the season, he let me down! Oh well, I guess you can't expect too much from a walk-on transfer who has barely played this season.

I guess the silver lining is that we are playing a lot of our younger guys. The backfield is all sophomores at this point with Moline, Rasshan, and Sheppard. Sheppard had a decent day with some solid runs averaging 4.7 yards a carry against one of the better defenses in the conference. Dominque Johnson is a soph and Terrance Austin, who virtually scored a touchdown on that punt return, still has two years of eligibility left. Not to mention that Forbath is just a freshman.

The really good news is that we get a bye next weekend. The Bruins need some time to lick their wounds and heal up. The only thing left to play for is some pride, a chance to play spoiler, and getting bowl eligible. You might say, "Why do I care about playing in some crappy bowl?", well it does give our guys some extra time to practice this year and one more game to gain some experience. With 2008 being a rebuilding season, we'll want these young guys to get as much playing time as possible.

It's amazing how far this team has fallen from it's pre-season ranking and BCS expectations. Now we're in an uphill battle just to get into the Poinsettia Bowl. With Oregon and USC still left on the schedule, even achieving that modest goal might be impossible.


Anonymous said...

Don't be such a surrender monkey.

The season is still two or three games from over.

Win out and go to a Holiday Bowl.

Win that and it is a good send-off for CKD and the senior, Holiday Bowl winners.

You can never play, "the season is over" if you have even a half of a game left. That's quitting. Don't be a quitter. There is still two games or three games left.

Anonymous said...

It's actually not over for the Bruins. I read this post on another site...

If UCLA wins out, and Oregon, ASU, USC, and UCLA all finish at 6-3, then UCLA will go to the Rose Bowl.

Here are the key games:

11/15: Oregon at Arizona

11/22: USC at ASU

11/24: Oregon at UCLA

12/1: UCLA at USC
Oregon at Oregon State
Arizona at Arizona State

For all four teams to finish at 6-3, here's what has to happen:

(1) UCLA will have to beat Oregon and USC;
(2) USC will have to beat ASU and lose to UCLA
(3) ASU will have to lose both of its remaining games against USC and Arizona
(4) Oregon has to lose to UCLA and only once more against either Arizona or OSU.

Rose Bowl Tiebreakers are posted here:

a. Two-Team Tie.
The winner of the game between the two teams shall be the representative.

b. Multiple-Team Ties.
(1) When three or more teams are tied in Conference play, if one has defeated all others, it shall be the Rose Bowl representative. If that is not the case, a comparison of the tied teams' records against the other tied teams shall be made and the team having the best record against the other tied teams shall be the Rose Bowl representative. If two or more teams are still tied after this comparison, the appropriate two-team or multiple-team tie-breaking procedures shall be repeated among those teams still under consideration.


If all four teams are tied at 6-3, the first tiebreaker is their record against each other, which would be:

UCLA: 2-1 (victories over USC and Oregon, loss to ASU)
Oregon: 2-1 (victories over USC and ASU, loss to UCLA)
ASU: 1-2 (victory over UCLA, losses to USC and Oregon)
USC: 1-2 (victory over ASU, losses to UCLA and Oregon)

ASU and USC would be eliminated, and UCLA would win the head to head competition against Oregon.

CPBruinFan said...

"(1) UCLA will have to beat Oregon and USC;"

You lost me after this point. =P

Anonymous said...

Look at how RN finishes at Colorado.

His first two years are good and his last two are mediocre.

Then he does it again at Washington.

So if he is here 4 years we go

8 wins
10 wins

7 wins
7 wins - fired

Hardly an improvement.

He would win 14 games his last two years? Call me unimpressed.

Anonymous said...

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