Thursday, May 24, 2007

Statistics Feedback from SC and UCLA fans

After visiting a couple Trojan and Bruin message boards this week, I received a lot of good feedback from football fans of both schools. Here were some of the suggested additions to the Bruin Roar Football Statistics data:
  • "Efficiency numbers" and "Red Zone efficiency" from localbruin on BruinGold.
  • "Play calling by distance and down together" from tommytrojan1122 on WeAreSC.
  • "Points Per Possession/Minute" from WestsideUSCFan on WeAreSC.
  • "1st-10th play, etc performance" from Anonymous on BruinRoar.
I've already added some of those to the latest version of the reports. I'm going to see if I can add the others in the next couple of months. I came up with a few more ideas myself:
  • Special teams break downs for punts, kick-off returns, field goals, etc.
  • Play calling sequences for first 3 plays in a drive.
  • Scoring plays by distance.
  • Turnover break down on fumbles and interceptions.
  • Breakdown of drive length by number of plays, distance, and time-of-possession.
If you are itching for a statistic, even an ad-hoc query for something you are interested in knowing, drop me a comment on the blog and I'll see if I can help you out.