Monday, May 7, 2007

Drew Olson - Week 4

Another week and another up-and-down game for Drew. He just can't seem to put together an entire game and this week against Frankfurt was no exception. He's going to have to perform for four quarters if he wants to see playing time on Sundays back in the States.

Drew looked masterful in the first half. He connected on most of his passes, including a long bombs to his favorite target Skyler Fulton. Olson also rattled off a 12-yard scramble on a 3rd-and-10 that kept a crucial drive alive. His team was rolling and Drew hit two TD passes to give the Admirals a 19 - 0 lead (they missed 2 extra-points). The running game for Amsterdam was much better this week and that relieved some of the pressure on Drew and gave him a legitimate play-action pass in that first half.

It looked like Drew might get a 3rd TD pass in the 2nd quarter but he got picked with a few minutes left. It was a very similar situation to the first game Amsterdam played against Frankfurt. Drew just under threw a pass near the end zone and it ended up in a Galaxy player's hands.

The 2nd half continued where the first left off. Drew was struggling and the Admirals had a number of 3-and-outs. Olson also threw another interception deep in his own territory that could have cost Amsterdam the game. His team managed to hold on to the lead (just barely) and squeaked out the win. Not a great way to finish the game, considering the very hot start. Olson finished 16-32, 2 TD, and 2 INT.

In my opinion Drew needs to work on getting rid of the ball more. It seems like he is trying to force the ball on every play and that is accounting for the high number of interceptions he has for the season. His arm strength just isn't there as he almost always under throws players on longer routes and he has a hard time with placing the ball on passes over 20 yards. He's putting up decent numbers considering he doesn't have a lot of help around him, but consistency is definitely a big issue right now.