Friday, May 1, 2009

UCLA vs USC Spring Game Stats

The offensive statistics for UCLA were not very good for the spring game. To some extent, you expect your defense to be ahead of your offense at this point in the process. I thought I would do a quick comparison between the Bruin's offensive numbers and the Trojan's offensive numbers from this last week end and see how they stacked up.



Aaron Corp 14-23 157 yds 1 TD 0 INT
Matt Barkley 12-20 124 yds 0 TD 2 INT
Mitch Mustain 7-12 85 yds 0 TD 1 INT


Marc Tyler 7 44 yds
C.J. Gable 5 53 yds
Curtis McNeal 8 7 yds
Corp 5 18 yds


Prince 11-24 134 yds 1 TD 1 INT
Brehaut 7-14 47 yds 1 TD 0 INT
Craft 0-5 0 yds 0 TD 0 INT


Knox 8 44 yds
Dean 5 33 yds
Carter 9 33 yds
Coleman 7 14 yds
Franklin 5 11 yds

The numbers are pretty similar. UCLA ran the ball more and USC passed more, but there isn't that much difference in total output. The Trojans seemed to get more yards per attempt in their passing game, but that came at the expense of a few extra interceptions. Their starting players seemed to be more productive, but UCLA's backups had slightly better numbers.

All in all, it's hard to put much weight behind spring game statistics. The offense is vanilla, you have first, second, and thrid string guys on defense on any given play, and lots of drives are situational. So, nothing to get too worried about in the Bruins offensive production. Now, when fall rolls around, it is a different story.

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